Just as each individual deserves a thoughtful, “outside-the-box” approach to mental health diagnosis, each individual deserves a similar “outside-the-box” approach to treatment. This means:

  • Considering the many components of an individual’s outside-the-box diagnosis to suggest tailored approaches to ADD management and treatment
  • Recognizing that ADD medication is an important form of ADD treatment, but not the only one. Medication is only one of several possible ways to treat and manage adult ADD.
  • Taking the time to try different treatment approaches, and consider how interventions like mindfulness, diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, and modifications in the workplace may affect ADD symptoms and common comorbidities like depression and anxiety.

Read more about the various factors that may influence your mental health and affect ADD treatment options below:


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Sleep Hygiene


Diet & Nutrition

Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga

Workplace Accommodations